One of the domains of JARMAR Sp. z o. o. are works aimed at construction, reconstruction and modernization of flood embankments. During the execution of construction works, we use the most advanced and innovative technologies available on the market of specialized construction services, including:

  • making cut-off screens with the following methods:
    • continuous deep mixing of soil: CDMM (Continuous Deep Mixing Method), a specialized device – Trencher, making partitions using the above-mentioned method, is made of a tracked chassis with a sword mounted on which movable cutting and mixing devices are mounted, operating on the principle of The device makes a continuous cut-off barrier (continuous cut-off barrier) with a width of at least 30 cm and a depth of up to 13 m.
    • high pressure injection: Jet – Grouting. The technology consists in local destruction of the existing soil structure by flushing with a high-energy stream of liquid, while mixing / replacing the soil with the injected material.
    • deep soil mixing: DSM (Deep Soil Mixing) was invented in Japan and is increasingly used in the world to strengthen weak soil. Its use leads to a radical improvement in the mechanical properties of the existing subsoil, which after mixing with the cement slurry takes the form of the so-called cement-soil..
  • soil consolidation by the method of impulse compaction IC (Impulse Compaction) is a modern and very efficient technology of strengthening loosened soil by repeated impulse compaction, leading to the improvement of physical and mechanical parameters of the soil, especially the compressibility modulus and the degree of compaction. Impact energy is transferred into the compacted ground, up to a depth of about 6.5 m under favorable conditions (see diagram), from the ground surface using specialized equipment, the main elements of which are a hydraulic hammer and a special impact foot. IC technology can be used alone or in combination with other methods of strengthening the substrate. It is particularly suitable for the surface compaction of large usable areas.

We also carry out tasks aimed at the construction and modernization of hydrotechnical and drainage structures, including:

  • weirs and water dams;
  • water steps;
  • sheet piling made of steel and PVC sheet piles;
  • profiling of river beds and watercourses;
  • strengthening and sealing of river beds and water courses,
  • earth embankments and slopes of flood embankments:
    • PEHD geomembranes;
    • geogrids;
    • baskets and mesh-stone mattresses;
    • biodegradable coconut mats; anti-beaver steel nets;
    • JOMB plates.

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